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Vario hanging rack
More capacity, resource-saving. Can be used flexibly for both GN and BN accessories.
Eco Steam
More power with significantly less consumption. Energy-optimised and water-saving.
Power Steam
The powerful function for demanding food.
LED and double glazing
Lower power consumption, more environmentally friendly and longer service life.
autoclean PRO (optional)
Water-saving, fewer chemicals in use, more flexibility.


8 operating modes:
Intensive steaming
Vario steaming
Low-temperature cooking
Delta-T cooking
Eco Steam
Power Steam
Multi-eco system for heat recovery
Operating unit with touch screen and rotary / push encoder
USB interface
Inner and outer housing made of rustproof stainless steel
IPX 5 (jet water protection)
Integrated hose with hand shower
Fresh steam system
Seamless hygienic cooking chamber
Adjustable air deflector
Door with LED lighting and double glazing
Right-hinged door
Door latch position 90 °
Adjustable volume of the signal tone
Quick-action door closure
Supply air/exhaust air
Internal multi-point core temperature probe with
4 measuring points
Frequency converter
Changing settings during operation
Stop Preheat during operation
Programme list with 99 programs,
with 9 steps each:
Programme list (alphabetical)
Special programs:
Low-temperature cooking
Delta-T cooking
Vario hanging rack for GN and BN accessories
Water filter monitoring
Stackable (modular solutions) Manual cooking:
Temperature, adjustable between
30 °C–300 °C – accurate to the degree
Core temperature, adjustable between
20 °C–100 °C – accurate to the degree
Humidity range, adjustable between
0 – 100 % – in 5 % and 10 % steps
Manual humidification (additional)
Time, adjustable up to 24 hours
Step overview
Active dehumidification
Fan speed in 5 increments
Timed fan speeds
Preheat function with temperature specification, adjustable
E/2 Energy saving function
SPS® – Steam Protection System
Timer function: Start time entry up to 24 hrs.
Display of actual/target temperature
Active-Temp cool-down function (default setting only for autoclean® PRO with solid detergent)
Cool Down function: Adjustable Manual-Temp
Cool Down function: Auto-Temp (default setting)
Cleaning & Care semi-automatic cleaning
Drying phase freely selectable (default setting
only with autoclean® PRO)
The drying phase can be interrupted during the
cleaning operations
• Settings & Service:
Language setting in 25 languages
Time and date setting
Numerical input
Data and HACCP logging and display
Automated cleaning and maintenance
instructions, including blocking
Programs and Media Manager:
Program manager
Plug-in door seal for easy cleaning and maintenance
Note: Clean air filter
Standby after cleaning and 15 min. inactivity
(default setting only with autoclean® PRO)

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Design module

Protection class


925 x 805 x 840 mm

Electrical device [kg]


7 x GN 1/1

Cavity volume [l]

Gas device [kg]

154 kg

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