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70% of the products we sell are Eco-friendly and have various certificates and labels like NordicSwan , EU Ecolabel etc. We strive to encourage our customers to be environmentally responsible and help them reduce the carbon footprint of their operations and be more sustainable.

We offer top 20 of the leading global manufacturers in these categories. Well-known brands, guarantee of high quality and professionalism. Our entire portfolio is based on popular and trusted companies with a long history.

Full technical service – our service technicians provide initial installation and regular service of the dosing devices. Programming and settings of dosing and washing systems, as well as commissioning, service and spare parts delivery for the professional equipment and machines offered by us.

Training and training programs - we offer initial training, follow-up consultations and regular trainings on the correct use of products, new methods and standards, as well as tips and tricks for more efficient and ergonomic work.

Regular visits and cost monitoring for optimization and profitability. We develop individual hygiene programs, tailor made laundry programming for the specific needs of the client and the characteristics of the laundry.

Electronic centralized invoicing for corporate customers – reduces operating costs for our customers while also reducing human error during the manual entry of each invoice.

24 hour delivery time for regular customers. On-time deliveries and constant stock quantities from our extensive range so you do not have to stress regarding out of stock or delays.

Closed cycle – a full range of products from one source. Everything you need for your business from one supplier - you reduce the number of your suppliers and work with a fair and reliable partner.

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