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Acid detergent for basic cleaning. Quickly removes limescale deposits from all acid-resistant surfaces in sanitary areas.Effectively removes silicone, cement, rust and other stubborn dirt. Particularly suitable for thorough cleaning after renovation and construction.


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Highly active acidic descaler
+ Highly active descaler containing phosphoric acid
+ Removes stubborn lime residue
+ Use on acid-sensitive surfaces leads to irreparable material damage

It can be used on acid-resistant and water-resistant surfaces in swimming pools, sanitary and wet rooms. Acid-sensitive surfaces, such as damaged chrome plating on batteries, brass, oxidised aluminium, polyamide and acid-sensitive natural and artificial stone, can be damaged by products containing acids.


Please test in an inconspicuous place before first use. Always wet the joints beforehand with cold water. Treat stubborn deposits topically with undiluted product. Adjacent areas and sites should be protected. Rinse all treated surfaces with water.

Basic cleaning (descaling/ descaling):
Depending on the degree of contamination, 1-2.5 L up to 8 L of cold water.
Pre-wet the surface with water. Spread the cleaning solution on the floor, let it react briefly, scrub, suck out the dirty solution, rinse thoroughly with water. Consumption rate: 70.0 ml/m².

Foam cleaning:
Pre-wet the surface with water. Fill the container with undiluted product. Select a nozzle setting from 1:4 to 1:10 depending on the degree of soiling, apply the foam to the surface and rinse with water after a short contact time. Consumption rate: 50.0 ml/m²

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