Degreaser for kitchens – Gastro Pur, tube 10 liters

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Alkaline cleaner for basic cleaning of heavily oiled surfaces.

Suitable for fryers, vents, ovens, grills, pans, filters, floors, walls, etc. Fast acting and efficient. Extremely economical – as it is a strong concentrate.


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GASTRO PUR is applicable to all food processing plants
products such as professional kitchens, bakeries and butcher shops, as well as on all
alkali resistant surfaces such as precious steel, glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain. Dose GASTRO PUR according to the contamination.
Recommended dosages:
– For cleaning large areas, use a 0.25% to 10% solution
– For cleaning extremely dirty surfaces, use up to 30% more
Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Product properties
– On the list of tested floor cleaners (RK-Liste)
– Excellent grease and rust removal
– Optimised for wastewater as it is quickly re-emulsified in oil traps
– Neutral smell
– Free of chlorine and phosphates
– Certificate of marketability under HACCP is available


Product Type:Liquid Color: Orange , PH: 13-14,Density: 1.04 g/ml Package: 10

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Weight 10.8 kg



Dr Schnell

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