Vileda® Sponge Pur Active green 7×15 cm, 10 pieces

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  • Coated with high quality PU foam, it can be used on all fine and structural surfaces as it does not scratch.
  • Thanks to its active wave structure, the sponge removes dirt faster than abrasive sponges without the need to scrub.
  • Colour coded to avoid the risk of cross contamination.


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  • Easily removes grease and dirt.
  • Gentle on all hard surfaces.
  • Fits comfortably in the hand, provides a good grip and improves ergonomics. But don’t let that soft touch fool you – it’s a tenacious product that cleans several types of surfaces to a brilliant result.
  • The special PurActive coating easily removes stubborn dirt while being gentle on all hard surfaces.
  • It cleans three times more effectively than a traditional abrasive sponge, without scratching, and is gentler on surfaces than it.

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Weight 0.210 kg





Polyurethane foam


10 pieces


7×15 cm


Polyurethane foam

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Reusable product


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