Professional dryers STAHLTE 3201-7001 Eco with capacities from 19 kg to 39 kg

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German professional dryers Stahl with capacities from 19 kg to 39 kg
Low maintenance drive
Robust and durable
Gentle to textiles
Large charging opening
Service-friendly machine design
Easy to use, manual clock control
Large stainless steel lint filter

The robust STAHL laundry dryer with its simple design is available in three sizes from 19 to 39 kg and is suitable for all textile and industries.
Suitable for: towels and bathrobes, tablecloths and napkins, bed linen, mops and towels, pet mats and blankets, kitchen linen, curtains and curtains and much more!


Non-serviceable direct drive
STAHL TE-Series washer dryers have a unique, absolutely maintenance-free direct drive. Operates without wear parts such as drum support rollers, V-belts or drive rollers. The wear-free motor contributes to the machine consuming as much energy as is needed for the process. If the dryer is only running at half capacity, the energy consumption is automatically reduced.
Radial air circulation
The radial airflow ensures extremely fast, gentle and thorough drying. The hot air is blown diagonally down through the fully perforated stainless steel drum. Temperatures are maintained everywhere. Inverting the drum maintains radial airflow, changing the way the wash falls, ensuring that sensitive textiles are dried evenly in the shortest possible time. Unlike the longitudinal airflow principle used by other brands, with radial airflow the laundry is not pressed against the front of the glass window.
Easy to control timer
Unlike the T-series dryers, the TE dryers do not have the proven, freely programmable FREEpro microprocessor control with a range of standard programs, but instead have manual control. In addition to a 60-minute timer control unit with auto-cool function, the TE Series has two fixed temperature settings that are controlled by sensors.
Stainless steel lint filter with large surface area
A large-surface lint filter made of stainless steel is located under the drum and can be easily and conveniently cleaned from the front. The lint filter is screwed directly onto the housing so that lint cannot pass under the screen frame.
Large hatch, ergonomic working height
The ergonomic door has a solid stainless steel frame and is fitted with a magnetic lock and a viewing window. The veneer serves as thermal protection as well as a secure door hold. The door opens to the left to a wide angle of 180 degrees. Depending on your space requirements, the door opening can also be installed on the other side.
Additional advantages
Possible heating methods: electricity, gas, steam, oil, hot water, double heating system

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